We commit long-term to you and your product by providing our expertise in antenna design with no upfront fees. You pay for affordable, innovative high-performance antennas designed and tuned specifically for your application. Because there are no initial or reoccurring engineering expenses, you can focus your valuable time and effort elsewhere – like getting your product to market quickly.

Why do leading technology companies prefer working with Southwest Antennas?

  • Comprehensive design feasibility reviews based on over 75 years of combined industry experience designing antennas
  • Rapid prototype design and initial production in cooperation with their engineering team
  • Guaranteed high performance and quality - designed and manufactured in San Diego, California
  • NRE is amortized into affordable production costs which includes future product revisions
  • Our passion is to design and manufacture high performance antennas to your requirements

Your engineering team will have access to:

  • Specification Control Documents
  • Antenna Patterns
  • 3D Drawings
  • Technical Data Sheets
  • Engineering & Technical Support

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Fill out our custom antenna request form and the Southwest Antennas engineering team will review your product requirements. We strive to respond to all request within one business day.