Part #: 1000-045

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Omni Blade Monopole Antenna, 30 - 88 MHz, Integrated Gooseneck, TNC(m) RF Connector
  • Engineering Drawing: All dimensions are in inches
  • Images: VSWR measurement across antenna's operational frequency range
  • Images: Antenna shown in folded configuration
  • Images: Antenna shown deployed / unfolded configuration

Product Overview

Southwest Antennas Part # 1000-045 is an omni-directional blade monopole antenna designed for use with manpack and hand-held military radio systems operating in the 30 - 88 MHz VHF band. This antenna includes a TNC(m) RF connector, as well as an integrated 9" flexible gooseneck base.

The unique blade design allows the antenna to bend and return to vertical when encountering objects such as tree limbs and branches. The antenna design allows the product to fold in on itself for compact storage and transportation and for body worn applications when the operator cannot have the antenna fully extended. Disengaging the product's velcro strap allows for rapid deployment and in its extended position allows for maximum RF link distance and communication quality. An integrated gooseneck base offers flexible positioning options for the radio operator.

Note: Matching network can be modified by Southwest Antennas to optimize antenna performance on specific radio systems. Contact Southwest Antennas to discuss custom tuning needs.

  • Rugged design for harsh outdoor environments
  • Omni-directional radiation pattern
  • 30 - 88 MHz frequency coverage
  • SINCGARS - Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System compatible
  • 50 Ohm impedance
  • TNC(m) non-rotating RF connector
  • Vertically (linear) polarized
  • Optimized to several radio chassis counterpoise sizes
  • Multi-blade construction with rugged heat shrink sleeve
    • Self-erecting for rapid deployment
    • Compact storage and transport
    • Velcro strap to secure blade while folded
  • Versatile on and off body use
  • Integrated low pass filter for FM broadcast band rejection
  • Gooseneck base for flexibility
  • Rugged end cap for eye protection
  • Low visibility / reflection matte black finish

Antenna Specifications

Parameter Value Units Tolerance
Antenna Pattern Omni Antenna
Frequency Band VHF
Impedance 50 Ohms
Minimum Frequency 0.03 / 30 GHz / MHz
Maximum Frequency 0.088 / 88 GHz / MHz
Frequency Bandwidth 0.058 / 58 GHz / MHz
Maximum VSWR 3.2:1 Ratio
Maximum Gain -8 dBi at 30 MHz (-3 dBi at 60 MHz, -4 dBi at 88 MHz)
Polarization Vertical (Linear)
Horizontal (AZ) Beamwidth 360 Degrees
Antenna Labeling Heat Shrink Label
Color Black matte finish
Spring or Gooseneck Gooseneck
Gooseneck Length 9.00 / 228.60 inches / mm ±.13"
Gooseneck Diameter 0.46 / 11.68 inches / mm
RF Connector Type TNC(m)
Operating Temperature Range -40 to +85 C
Product Length 49.00 / 1,244.60 inches / mm Maximum when fully extended
Product Diameter 0.98 / 24.89 inches / mm at base (.800" end cap)
Product Weight 12.0 / 340.2 oz / grams Estimated maximum

Filter Specifications

Parameter Value Units Tolerance
Filter Type Low Pass Filter
Filter Min Frequency 30
Filter Max Frequency 88
Insertion Loss <1 dB 30 - 88 MHz
Rejection 1 10 dB Minimum, 92 - 106 MHz


Data Sheet (PDF )