WES Tech Associates Will Bring Southwest Antennas’ rugged RF and Microwave Antenna Products to the Midwestern United States Region

San Diego, California, March 25, 2016 - Southwest Antennas, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of Wes Tech Associates to their expanding sales representative network, with a focus on bringing Southwest Antennas’ rugged lineup of antennas, RF coaxial gooseneck adapters, mounts, filters, and other RF and Microwave accessories to WES Tech’s sales territories in the Midwestern United States.

Obsidian Technologies, Southwest Antennas' Sales Rep firm for Europe and Middle East regions has just announced the launch of their new website. 

Originally published in the February 2016 issue of Microwave Journal, this TechBrief article outlines the use of our Omni antennas with integrated RF goosenecks for diversity applications, where two or more antennas are used to improve the quality of a wireless link.

Four new L Band 1.35 - 1.4 GHz Ultra-Flex Dipole Omni antennas are now available from Southwest Antennas, featuring black chrome SMA(m) or TNC(m) RF connectors, with Reverse Polarity versions of the same connectors also available. These complement our existing S & C Band Ultra-Flex Antennas that cover 2.1 - 2.5 GHz and 5.0 - 6.0 GHz.

Distribution Agreement Expands RFMW's Product Line and Gives Customers In New Markets Access to Southwest Antennas' Rugged Antenna & Accessory Products

RFMW Ltd. and Southwest Antennas of San Diego, Ca, have announced a distribution agreement effective November 30, 2015. Southwest Antennas manufactures over 600 RF and microwave antennas and accessories operating in frequencies up to 8.5 GHz, with capabilities beyond 20 GHz. RFMW Ltd.

Magnetic Mount MIMO Antennas Are Ideal for Vehcile Mounted Applications

Southwest Antennas has just released a pair of new MIMO omni antennas. Designed with an integrated magnetic mount base, these antennas are perfect for vehicle mount antenna applications, especially where permanent installation is not desired or rapid deployment is needed.

New length, flex arm diameter, and RF connector options

We've released a number of new additions to our growing family of RF Coaxial Gooseneck Assemblies that are available for viewing and purchase online. The products added include the following length and connector options:

Ideal for use in concealments and covert surveillance operations

Brand new for 2015 is the 4G LTE Cellular Omni Concealment Antenna from Southwest Antennas, allowing for easy integration of penta-band 4G LTG cellular communication into a wide variety of devices and small spaces.

Coverage for both 2.1 - 2.5 GHz & 4.4 - 5.9 GHz Frequency Ranges

Ideal for microwave communication and law enforcement applications

Southwest Antennas is pleased to introduce our all-new line of Dual-Band Omni Antennas, designed specifically to cover the S & C bands in the 2.1 - 2.5 GHz and 4.4 - 5.9 GHz frequency ranges.

Innovative, environmentally-sealed flex spring omni antenna can bend over 90 degrees to protect your equipment

New from Southwest Antennas is our Ultra-Flex Omni Antenna product line specifically designed for the mobile broadcast video market, delivering performance that can survive the hard working conditions of live video shoots.