Southwest Antennas manufactures a wide variety of circularly polarized bifilar omni antennas for applications such as ground to air communication and live video transmission.

Some of the benefits of bifilar antennas:

  • Circular polarization is ideal for communication between ground and airborne vehicles that are moving and banking, such as planes, helicopters, and UAVs. A circularly polarized omni antenna on the vehicle can transmit with the ground station regardless of what direction the vehicle is headed, and the ground station can utilize a circularly polarized antenna of the same type (right or left hand circular polarization) or a vertically polarized omni or directional antenna for communication with the vehicle.
  • Bifilar antennas offer continuous overhead coverage and a large variety of peak gain elevation adjustment options based on application. Vertical monopole and dipole antennas have "key holes" in their pattern where there is a coverage null above the antenna, causing a potential for lost communication with an aircraft that is overhead. Bifilar antennas help eliminate this issue.
  • Circular Polarization is ideal for terrestrial to space communications and is not as obscured by atmospheric layers and shifts or inclement weather conditions.
  • Available in RHCP and LHCP, this can be a good option for MIMO applications where you need antennas in the same plane but opposite circular polarizations.

SWA bifilar antenna specific features:

  • Many antenna options with flange mounts, flexible spring bases, or integrated magnetic mounts.
  • Frequency coverage for popular law enforcement and ISM bands: 2.1 – 2.5 GHz, 4.4 – 5.0 GHz, 4.1 – 5.9 GHz, 6.25 – 6.75 GHz, other bands also available.
  • Omni-directional radiation pattern.
  • Many with flat black finish for low visibility, or white for use on aircraft.

Left and Center: bifilar antennas with integrated flange mounts for use on helicopters or aircraft. Right: bifilar antenna with spring base.

View all of our omni bifilar antenna options, or contact us for assistance with your application.