Southwest Antennas has just released a new antenna design that combines both the sealed spring base with a 3.5" diameter flange mount base.

These features give the antenna some great properties:

Weatherproof sealed spring base: allows the antenna to bend and flex when impacted by another object, such as a tree branch, utility pole, or another object. This reduces the risk of damage to the mated RF connector and radio. The weatherproof seal keeps out rain, dust, mud, and other debris, ensuring a long operational life in harsh environments. The spring has a ±45 degree bend angle.

Flange mount base: the wide flange mount base gives a stable mounting platform to secure the antenna to a vehicle or other mounting platform. The antenna's RF connector features lock-wire screws, adding another level of security if the antenna is used on a vehicle, helicopter, or other vibrating platforms.

The first antenna with this new design is Southwest Antennas Part # 1087-071, an omni-directional 4 section collinear antenna with a frequency range of 1.35 to 1.39 GHz and 6 dBi of peak gain. The operational frequency range of this antenna makes it ideal for DOD and military applications. Visit the product page for full technical specifications or to purchase.