Since their introduction, our Ultra-Flex dipole omni antennas have become a popular option for extending range and performance of radio systems, particularly with MIMO and MANET applications.

Each Ultra-Flex features an environmentally-sealed spring base which allows the antenna to bend up to 90 degrees to help deflect impacts, reducing stress on the radio RF connection. The sealed spring allows for operation in all weather conditions without worry of rust, and the rugged G10 fiberglass radome holds up to abuse in the field. A matte black finish and black chrome RF connectors help ensure the antennas don't draw attention.

Now available in the following popular frequency bands:

  • 1.35 - 1.40 GHz (Department of Defense / military band)
  • 2.1 - 2.5 GHz (DHS/DOJ licensed band or unlicensed ISM band)
  • 4.0 - 6.0 GHz (licensed and unlicensed bands)

Our Ultra-Flex omni antennas are available with a number of non-rotating RF Connector choices, including TNC(m), SMA(m), and Type-N(m). Also available with Reverse Polarity RF connectors. View all our antenna options online or contact us for help with your application.

Photo: Example of SWA Ultra-Flex omni dipole antenna, with environmentally sealed spring base and black chrome TNC(m) RF connector.