Southwest Antennas Part # 1001-265 is designed to cover 1.98 - 2.7 GHz and offers 2 dBi of peak gain.

Measuring at less than five inches in length, the small form factor, wideband omni-directional antenna is well suited for applications where larger antennas cannot be deployed.

The antenna's small size allow for deployment on:

  • Unmanned air and ground systems and controllers
  • Handheld or body worn tactical radio systems
  • Portable and fixed site network infrastructure
  • Portable and fixed site security systems
  • Vehicle deployed radios
  • Wireless camera transmitters

Full technical specifications can be viewed on the product page.

Southwest Antennas Part # 1001-265, wideband omni-directional antenna 1.98 - 2.7 GHz
Southwest Antennas Part # 1001-265