Ideal for vehicle-mounted application, Southwest Antennas has released a new S-Band antenna with a sealed spring and flange mount base.

Part # 1087-079 features an operational frequency range from 2.2 - 2.5 GHz, and a peak gain of 6 dBi. The weather resistant sealed spring that allows the antenna's radome to bend and flex with impact and return to its vertical operating position, helping to reduce risk of damage to the mated RF connector.

The flange base has mounting holes for securing the antenna to a vehicle, structure, or another mounting bracket. The antenna radome is lock-wired to the flange base to increase safety when used on vibrating platforms such as helicopters or other moving vehicles.

The S-Band frequency range makes this antenna ideal for federal law enforcement applications, DOD / military applications, and non-licensed ISM-band use. This antenna can be deployed on tactical radio systems, unmanned vehicles, fixed site infrastructure and more.

Omni Antenna, 4 Section Collinear, 2.2 - 2.5 GHz, 6 dBi, Flange Mount Base with Sealed Spring
Southwest Antennas Part # 1087-079