Southwest Antennas has added two new cavity band pass filters to our lineup of RF accessory products. These band pass filters are designed for S-Band applications and feature >60 dB out of band isolation.

Cavity band pass filters are deployed when more aggressive filtering is needed for a system in order to minimize disruptive RF signals from degrading system performance. A band pass filter works by allowing a specific frequency band to "pass" through the system while working to attenuate RF energy above and below the desired frequency range.

For example, Southwest Antennas Part #: 1080-084 allows anything from 2,479 - 2,501 MHz to pass through the system while rejecting frequencies outside of this band. This would be useful in areas where other co-located systems may be a cause of interference and degraded system performance.


Product Features:

  • >60 dB isolation out of band
  • 2.0 dBa insertion loss in band
  • 30 Watts power CW minimum across operating temperature
  • Temperature compensated design
  • TNC(m) & TNC(f) RF connectors
  • Weather sealed machined aluminum housing


Two frequency options available:

Part #: 1080-084
Cavity Band Pass Filter
2,479 - 2,501 MHz

Part #: 1080-085
Cavity Band Pass Filter
2,369 - 2,391 MHz