Southwest Antennas has released two new omni-directional antennas for use in UHF and ISM band applications. With options for either a Ultra-Flex sealed spring base or flexible gooseneck base, making these antennas ideal for tactical radio systems, MIMO & MANET radio systems, handheld video receivers, unmanned robotics platforms, and other applications.

Southwest Antennas has just released part # 1001-224, a high-performance rugged gooseneck omni-directional antenna which is optimized for operation at 1.35 - 1.45 GHz and 4.4 - 5.0 GHz.

This antenna is ideal for multi-band tactical radio systems and users who wish to take advantage of anti-jamming / frequency switching capabilities offered by some radio systems.

We've just released a new antenna into our extensive line of gooseneck omni-directional antennas designed for tactical radio systems.

Southwest Antennas Part # 1001-233 is a wideband half wave dipole, with an operational frequency range of 1,980 - 2,700 MHz and 2.0 dBi of peak gain.

A waterproof 3" gooseneck base allows for non-vertical antenna positioning, and can be easily threaded through MOLLE straps for secure placement on body-worn radio applications.

Southwest Antennas continues to engineer innovative antenna solutions designed to enhance radio performance in RF congested environments.

Southwest Antennas manufactures antennas with a wide range of base and connector options, including pigtails.

These are ideal for applications where the antenna will be located away from the attached radio system, and can be used with body-worn radio systems, unmanned systems, vehicles, and other deployment scenarios.

The latest addition in our extensive line of multi-port antennas for MIMO and MANET radio systems, part # 1055-395 is a small form factor 2X2 panel antenna for multi-port MIMO / MANET radio systems, with an operational frequency range of 4.4 - 5.0 GHz for C-Band radio applications.

This antenna is ideal for 2X2 MIMO / MANET radio networks, federal law enforcement users, and NATO-band radio systems.

Southwest Antennas has just released part # 1009-070, a high-gain, circularly polarized sector panel antenna with an operational frequency range of 969 - 1,206 MHz and 17.8 dBic gain (typical).

This sector antenna is ideal for:

Southwest Antennas has introduced a new line of broadband dipole antennas, covering major federal, military, and ISM bands from 1.35 - 2.5 GHz in a single compact product.

Excellent continuous electrical performance across the antenna's entire operational frequency make these antennas ideal for multi-band applications or replacing several antennas with a single product, reducing kit complexity, cost, and weight.

Southwest Antennas is pleased to announce our newly updated line of rugged cloverleaf omni-directional antennas. These antennas are available in both left hand and right hand circular polarization, which is ideal for air-to-ground RF links or use in multi-antenna configurations, where multiple antennas of opposite polarization are used to increase isolation between co-located antennas.

Three frequency options are available:

Southwest Antennas offers several rugged antenna options for use with the Link 16 tactical data link network from 969 - 1,206 MHz.

Link 16 is a military-use tactical data link network that enables the US and allied forces to share near real-time tactical information and increase battlefield situational awareness between groups in theater, including location information, text messages, pictures, voice, and data.