Ideal for Omni and PCB-Style Antennas and Covert Surveillance Applications

Southwest Antennas has released two new magnetic mount kits, providing users with rapid antenna deployment options anywhere there is a compatible magnetic surface, and are ideal for use on vehicles, metal desks, poles, or other surfaces. These mount kits are particularly well-suited to the deployment of small form factor omni-directional or PCB-style antennas, and for use use in covert surveillance applications.

To provide quality signal transmission, these mounts were designed to provide low insertion loss of 0.5dB from DC to 8.4 GHz, and features SMA(f) RF Connectors for both the antenna mount and the cable-side connection, which allows users to utilize high-quality RF cable and deploy exactly how much cable they need for a given application.

Available now from Southwest Antennas, these mount are available in two magnet sizes and hold-strength specifications:

Part # 1071-016: Magnetic Mounting Kit, SMA(f) RF Connectors, 3.2" Diameter Magnet, 120 Lbs. Maximum Hold Strength

Part # 1071-017: Magnetic Mounting Kit, SMA(f) RF Connectors, 2.71" Diameter Magnet, 78 Lbs. Maximum Hold Strength


Magnetic Mount Kit, Featuring SMA(F) RF Connectors