Southwest Antennas offers several rugged antenna options for use with the Link 16 tactical data link network from 969 - 1,206 MHz.

Link 16 is a military-use tactical data link network that enables the US and allied forces to share near real-time tactical information and increase battlefield situational awareness between groups in theater, including location information, text messages, pictures, voice, and data.

Various Link 16 terminals, modules, and radio system designs allow the Link 16 network to be utilized between aircraft, ships, ground vehicles, dismounted solders, unmanned vehicles, and weapons platforms.

Data transmitted on the Link 16 network is encrypted and jam-resistant, and uses a Dynamic TDMA architecture to increase system capacity.

The following omni-directional antennas are available for use with Link 16 radio systems:

  • Part #: 1001-087 - Omni Antenna, Half Wave Dipole, 969 - 1,206 MHz, 2.15 dBi Gain, Integrated RF Coaxial Gooseneck, TNC(m) RF connector
  • Part #: 1001-088 - Omni Antenna, Half Wave Dipole, 969 - 1,206 MHz, 2.15 dBi Gain, TNC(m) RF Connector
  • Part #: 1001-222 - Omni Antenna, Half Wave Dipole, 969 - 1,206 MHz, 2.15 dBi Gain, Type-N(f) RF Connector

These antennas are ideal for dismounted users with handheld or body-worn radio systems, unmanned systems, vehicles, or fixed site installation. They feature a rugged matte black G10 fiberglass radome for low-visibility tactical applications, and are available with a number of RF connector options.

High-gain Link 16 sector antenna also available: Part # 1009-070, a high-gain, circularly polarized sector panel antenna with an operational frequency range of 969 - 1,206 MHz and 17.8 dBic gain (typical) and is ideally suited for:

  • Link 16 tactical data networks
  • ADS-B aircraft safety systems operating at 978 and 1,090 MHz
  • Air-to-ground communication systems
  • Telemetry communication

Link 16 omni-directional antennas
Link 16 omni-directional antennas from Southwest Antennas