Southwest Antennas has just released part # 1001-224, a high-performance rugged gooseneck omni-directional antenna which is optimized for operation at 1.35 - 1.45 GHz and 4.4 - 5.0 GHz.

This antenna is ideal for multi-band tactical radio systems and users who wish to take advantage of anti-jamming / frequency switching capabilities offered by some radio systems.

The integrated gooseneck allows the antenna to be positioned to increase polarization or spatial diversity, and can be threaded through MOLLE loops or other vest attachments for security when deployed on body-worn radio systems.

Applications include:

  • Tactical radio systems
  • Handheld and body-worn radio systems
  • Multi-band radios with anti-jam and frequency switching capabilities between L and C-Bands
  • Unmanned systems, including ground control stations and hand-held video receivers
  • Ship-shore-ship communication networks
  • DOD / military radio networks
  • Federal law enforcement operations
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Border security applications

For full technical specifications or to purchase, visit the product page.

Dual-Band Omni Antenna, Half Wave Dipole, 1.35 - 1.45 / 4.4 - 5.0 GHz, 1.6 / 2.1 dBi, Integrated RF Coaxial Gooseneck