Several new antenna options are now available for 1.0 - 1.5 GHz L-Band, ideal for international or federal law enforcement / military use.

Omni Half Wave Dipole Antenna, 1.0 - 1.5 GHz, 2.15 dBi

Our small 1 – 1.5 GHz half wave dipole antennas are only 7” long and 0.56" in diameter, making them ideal for mounting on aircraft, helicopters, or vehicles. A Type-N(f) RF connector is located under the flight-rated STC flange, which features lock-wired screws for additional safety.

Since their introduction, our Ultra-Flex dipole omni antennas have become a popular option for extending range and performance of radio systems, particularly with MIMO and MANET applications.

Southwest Antennas manufactures a wide variety of circularly polarized bifilar omni antennas for applications such as ground to air communication and live video transmission.

Some of the benefits of bifilar antennas:

2X2 and 4X4 MIMO versions are ideal for Federal Law Enforcement and ISM Broadcast applications

Thin and lightweight antenna can be easily installed into buildings / structures or integrated into other products

Southwest Antennas is pleased to announce the release of a new small form factor panel antenna designed specifically for IEEE 802.11g/n Wi-Fi or other ISM applications in the 2.4 - 2.5 frequency band. The antenna is designed to handle up to 10 Watts of RF input power, has a maximum gain of 7.8 dBi, and is vertically polarized.

Designed for military and Department of Defence Tactical Communications 

Products offer best-in-class performance in a small, rugged waterproof housing

Interview covers the company's history, how we serve our customers, and where we are headed in the future

Microwave Journal recently interviewed Benjamin Culver, company co-owner and current presdent of Southwest Antennas on a wide number of topics, including how the company was founded by Les Reading, how Southwest Antennas supports and serves our customers, and where we are headed in the future.

Ideal for Omni and PCB-Style Antennas and Covert Surveillance Applications

Southwest Antennas has released two new magnetic mount kits, providing users with rapid antenna deployment options anywhere there is a compatible magnetic surface, and are ideal for use on vehicles, metal desks, poles, or other surfaces. These mount kits are particularly well-suited to the deployment of small form factor omni-directional or PCB-style antennas, and for use use in covert surveillance applications.

12" Length with Type-N(m) Non-Rotating & SMA(m) Non-Rotating RF Connectors

Southwest Antennas has added several new 12" RF Coaxial Gooseneck adapters to our website. These rugged adapters easily bend and hold position, allowing for flexible omni antenna mounting, and are particularly useful for MIMO radio setups or dismounted user applications.

The additions include the following two products, which are available now for purchase: