Southwest Antennas continues to engineer innovative antenna solutions designed to enhance radio performance in RF congested environments.

Part # 1085-146 operates from 4.4 - 5.0 GHz, making it ideal for DOD / military use, Federal law enforcement, surveillance systems and border security application, and international NATO users. The weatherproof sealed spring base allows for operation in harsh environments across all weather conditions, and gives the antenna flexibility to deflect/bend with impacts and return to its original vertical position. This can minimize stress placed on the antenna and radio connection, and can help prevent damage to both in the event of an impact.

The integrated RF bandpass filter helps eliminate interference by rejecting out-of-band noise from other co-located radios operating outside of the filter's 4.4 - 5.0 GHz operational bandpass range.

Full technical specifications can be viewed on the product page.

1085-146 image C-Band Omni Antenna with Integrated Bandpass Filter