Ideal for use in concealments and covert surveillance operations

Brand new for 2015 is the 4G LTE Cellular Omni Concealment Antenna from Southwest Antennas, allowing for easy integration of penta-band 4G LTG cellular communication into a wide variety of devices and small spaces.

Measuring only 4.70" x 1.70" and weighing less than one ounce, the antenna was designed for use in covert surveillance operations, antenna concealment devices, or any application where discreet antenna placement is needed and is specially tuned for concealment material substrates.

The penta-band design gives the 4G LTE Cellular Omni Concealment Antenna coverage across all 4G LTE bands, allowing for both domestic and international use. A miniature low loss RF cable and SMA Male connector allow for flexible connection options.

Visit the 4G LTE Cellular Omni Concealment Antenna page to learn more and view the product specifications datasheet.

Product Features:

  • Markets and applications include:
    • Military/Defense
    • Law Enforcement
    • Surveillance
    • Security
    • Commercial Wireless
  • Extremely light weight
  • Easily concealed
  • Miniature low loss RF Cable
  • Designed for use inside concealments
  • Specially tuned for concealment material substrates
  • Penta-band: covers all 4G LTE Cellular bands