Our commitment to creating and refining outstanding antenna products for mission-critical communication extends to GNSS antennas for precision location and timing applications.

We've just released our new line of small form factor GPS passive and active antennas, designed for use on GPS receivers, manpack radios, hand-held tactical radio systems, and other small form factor radio systems. These antennas are also ideal for unmanned systems, autonomous vehicles, and other automated or remote assets.

Southwest Antennas has released several new concealment antennas for operation in the L, S, and C-Bands, as well as updating the performance specifications for several existing part numbers in order to enhance antenna performance.

These small antennas are ideal for applications where the antenna needs to be embedded within the product for performance or security reasons, including:

In 2021 our team released a number of new directional antenna products for both defense and commercial applications, including our first CBRS band sector antennas.

The engineering team at Southwest Antennas have designed a wide range of high-performance directional antennas when higher gain, directional area coverage is required as part of a network deployment:

Southwest Antennas releases many new products each year to help customers achieve the best performance possible from their new or existing radio system deployments.

In 2021, our electrical engineering and mechanical design teams produced a number of new omni-directional antennas for use across a wide range of applications, including:

Southwest Antennas has released a new directional sector antenna for Link 16 tactical data link networks and ADS-B aircraft tracking and safety systems.

Expanding our existing line of Link 16 antenna products, part number #1009-070 operates from 969 - 1,206 MHz and offers 17.8 dBic peak gain. The antenna's Right Hand Circular Polarization (RHCP) allows for long-range RF link performance through varied atmospheric conditions.

Adding to our extensive line of rugged gooseneck omni antennas, we've just released a new black version of our 1.625 - 2.110 GHz gooseneck antenna for high L-Band / low S-Band application needs.

Southwest Antennas Part # 1001-229 features a waterproof sealed coaxial gooseneck, allowing this antenna to be submerged underwater to 65 ft / 20 meters when mated without risk of water intrusion. This feature is ideal for operations where the communication equipment may be exposed to water or fully submerged.

Southwest Antennas is pleased to announce the release of our first antenna designed for use on the Iridium worldwide satellite communication and location service network.

Southwest Antennas Part # 1027-035 supports Iridium transmission and reception, allowing for two-way voice and data communication from anywhere in the world. When paired with an Iridium radio and data service plan this antenna will enable communication anywhere that has an open sky view.

Southwest Antennas has release Part # 1001-216, a half-wave dipole antenna designed for operation from 1.0 - 1.5 GHz offering 2.15 dBi of gain.

This antenna features our Ultra-Flex sealed spring base which gives the antenna flexibility to deflect/bend with impacts and return to its original vertical position. The integrated spring design minimizes stress placed on the antenna and radio connection, and can help prevent damage to both in the event of an impact.

Company’s antennas will be used to upgrade current and future radio systems for continued deployment and new applications

San Diego, September 14, 2021 - Southwest Antennas, an industry leader in rugged RF / Microwave antenna and accessory products, today announced that they have been awarded an Indefinite Quantity Indefinite Delivery (IDIQ) contract from a major US Federal Law Enforcement agency, with a $4.9 million award ceiling over the next five years.

Southwest Antennas Part # 1001-265 is designed to cover 1.98 - 2.7 GHz and offers 2 dBi of peak gain.

Measuring at less than five inches in length, the small form factor, wideband omni-directional antenna is well suited for applications where larger antennas cannot be deployed.

The antenna's small size allow for deployment on: