Part #: 1065-042
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GPS / GLONASS Active L1/L2 Antenna for defense and high-precision applications, +32dB Active Gain
  • Engineering Drawing: All dimensions are in inches
  • Images: Azimuth Pattern, L1 Band
  • Images: Elevation Pattern, L1 Band
  • Images: Azimuth Pattern, L2 Band
  • Images: Elevation Pattern, L2 Band
  • Images: Axial Ratio, L1 Band|1.575 GHz
  • Images: Axial Ratio, L2 Band|1.228 GHz
  • Images: L1 Band Active Circuit Gain/Rejection Plot
  • Images: L1 Band Total Circuit Gain/Rejection Plot
  • Images: L2 Band Active Circuit Gain/Rejection Plot
  • Images: L2 Band Total Circuit Gain/Rejection Plot
  • Images: L1 & L2 Band Active Circuit Gain/Rejection Plot
  • Images: L1 & L2 Band Total Circuit Gain/Rejection Plot

Product Overview

Southwest Antennas part # 1065-042 is a high-performance GPS/GLONASS Active L1/L2 antenna designed to deliver extremely accurate location and timing data for users who can operate in both L1 and L2 bands. The antenna's built-in LNA and filters give this antenna a total system active gain of +28 dB and out-of-band rejection of >50 dB (+50 MHz / -35 MHz of L1, +35 MHz / -45 MHz of L2), allowing the antenna to operate in contested and congested RF environments.

This product is considered “Dual Use” (Non-ITAR) by the US State Department and falls outside of Code of Federal Regulations title 22 (CFR) parts 120-130.

Health notice: Part # 1065-042 contains a small magnet embedded in the base which allows for mounting of product to other magnetic surfaces. Users with pacemakers should take care when handling or using this antenna.

  • GPS & GLONASS L1 & L2 frequencies (+/- 20 MHz bandwidth supporting military specifications)
  • Out-of-band jamming immunity
  • Superior multi-path rejection
  • Low noise figure
  • Low power consumption
  • Active LNA and filter circuitry
  • Small form factor, light-weight, ruggedized design
  • Burn-out protection, in-band jamming protection

This stacked patch-style antenna design is housed in a small, rugged, and low-profile waterproof radome allowing for a wide array of antenna mounting and deployment options including:

  • Placing the antenna inside of a MOLLE pouch or other strap/web system and secured to the top of body armor, rucksacks, or other gear.
  • Integrated recessed magnet on the bottom of the radome allows the antenna to be attached to any ferromagnetic surface for rapid deployment on vehicles or any other magnetic object.
  • The antenna can be easily positioned away from the receiver for better reception by utilizing a length of RF cable between the antenna's RF connector and receiver. This can be used to improve satellite acquisition speed and signal strength if the receiver must be located in an area with poor GNSS reception.

Product Specifications

Parameter Value Units Tolerance
Antenna Pattern Hemispherical Antenna
Frequency Band GPS L1 & L2
Impedance 50 Ohms
Frequency Range 1 1.217 – 1.238
1,217 – 1,238
Frequency Range 2 1.565 – 1.586
1,565 – 1,586
Maximum VSWR 2.0:1 Ratio Both L1 & L2 bands
Maximum Gain 3.40 dBic L1 Passive Gain -1.9 dBic L2 Passive Gain
Total Peak System Gain +28 dB ±2 dB
Axial Ratio 2.4 dB at zenith L1 band, 2.1 dB at zenith L2 band
Polarization RHCP
Horizontal (AZ) Beamwidth 360 Degrees L1 and L2 bands
Low Band Vertical (EL) Beamwidth 120 Degrees L2 band
High Band Vertical (EL) Beamwidth 100 Degrees L1 band
Ground Plane Required No
Antenna Labeling Southwest Antennas label on bottom of radome (covers magnet)
Color Matte Black
Mount Style Antenna can be tucked into pouches, webbing, or other tactical gear. Embedded magnet in base allows attachment to ferromagnetic surfaces. Optional MOLLE pouch also available from SWA.
Immersion Designed to withstand 65.6 ft / 20 meter immersion
RF Connector Type SMA(f)
RF Connector Features Black chrome finish
Product Length 2.40 / 60.96 inches / mm Excludes RF connector length
Product Width 2.40 / 60.96 inches / mm
Product Height 0.77 / 19.56 inches / mm
Product Weight 4.0 / 113.4 oz / grams

LNA Specifications

Parameter Value Units Tolerance
LNA Gain L1: +24.5 dB, L2: +30 dB
LNA NF L1: 2.3 dB typical (2.6 dB max), L2: 1.3 dB typical (1.7 dB max)
Output P1dB L1: -20 dBm min, L2: -19 dBm min
Output IP3 L1: +17 dBm min, L2: +15 dBm min
LNA DC Voltage Range 3 - 25 V
LNA DC Current 40 mA Typical (50mA max)
ESD Protection Diode

Filter Specifications

Parameter Value Units Tolerance
Rejection 1 >50 dBc Min @ +50 MHz / -35 MHz of L1 (Fc = 1575 MHz)
Rejection 2 >50 dBc Min @ +35 MHz / -45 MHz of L2 (Fc = 1228 MHz)


Data Sheet (PDF )