Part #: 1080-145

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Bandpass Filter, 4.40 - 4.500 GHz, In-Line, RP-SMA RF Connectors
  • Engineering Drawing: All dimensions are in inches
  • Filter Response Plot

Product Overview

Southwest Antennas Part # 1080-145 is a small, weatherproof bandpass filter designed to be installed in-line when additional RF filtering is required to improve system performance. This product is ideal for tactical radio systems, fixed site infrastructure, unmanned systems, or other communication networks that are operating in congested, high-interference RF environments. The ceramic bandpass filter is housed inside a rugged G10 fiberglass housing, with RF connectors on both ends of the product.

Part # 1080-145 features a band pass frequency range of 4.4 - 5.0 GHz and a very low <0.5 dBa insertion loss.

Southwest Antennas bandpass filters can be utilized to help eliminate interference by rejecting out-of-band noise from other co-located radios operating outside of the filter's 4.4 - 5.0 GHz operational bandpass range, providing increased performance for radio systems and attached antennas.

  • Stand-alone filter module with RF connectors
  • <0.5 dBa Insertion loss
  • 16 dB return loss
  • 10W peak power handling
  • Small size and lightweight design
  • Can be quickly added to existing systems to help improve performance
  • 4.4 - 5.0 GHz operational frequency range:
    • Ideal for DOD and federal law enforcement band applications
    • European NATO band applications
  • RP-SMA(m) and RP-SMA(f) non-rotating RF connectors


  • Tactical radio systems
  • Vehicle mounted radios
  • DOD / military radio systems
  • Federal government radio systems
  • Surveillance systems and border security applications
  • Fixed site communication infrastructure
  • Unmanned aerial vehicle command and control
  • Unmanned ground vehicles
  • NATO military radio systems

Filter Specifications

Parameter Value Units Tolerance
Filter Type 3mm 3-Pole Bandpass Filter (ceramic)
Filter Frequency Band C Band
Filter Impedance 50 Ohms
Insertion Loss <0.5 dBa
Return Loss 16 dB Over 100% of the passband
Rejection 1 -25 dBc Min @ 2510 MHz
Rejection 2 -20 dBc Min @ 6500 MHz
Filter Power CW 8 Watts
Filter Power Peak 10 Watts
Operating Temp -40 to +85 C
Product Length 2.740 / 69.596 inches / mm ±.06" (including RF connector length)
Product Diameter 0.562 / 14.275 inches / mm
Product Weight 0.82 / 23.13 oz / grams
RF Connectors RP-SMA(m) Non-Rotating to RP-SMA(f) Non-Rotating


Data Sheet (PDF )