Originally published in the February 2016 issue of Microwave Journal, this TechBrief article outlines the use of our Omni antennas with integrated RF goosenecks for diversity applications, where two or more antennas are used to improve the quality of a wireless link.

With the increasing popularity of radio systems that utilize antenna diversity for improved data throughput and link reliability, selecting the proper antenna is more important than ever. A high performance antenna can help to ensure quality data transmission, especially for applications in urban areas where both the transmitter and receiver may be moving and experiencing difficult transmission environments. Upgrading antennas on an existing product is an easy way to improve performance without the expense of a complete system redesign.

Southwest Antennas has pioneered a new line of rugged omni antennas designed to work with diversity radio systems, multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) radios and single antenna systems to overcome the challenges presented by dynamic operating conditions. These antennas combine a rugged, high performance omnidirectional antenna with an integrated RF coaxial gooseneck to provide mounting flexibility. The integrated RF coaxial gooseneck allows each antenna to be positioned for optimal performance, rather than simply conforming to the orientation of the antenna mount. This allows operators to easily reposition the antenna as environmental RF conditions change. To provide performance over the entire operating frequency of each antenna, Southwest Antennas developed proprietary design techniques to ensure the antenna’s radiating pattern is not influenced by “common mode” radiation from the integrated gooseneck. Users can also utilize the integrated RF coaxial gooseneck to secure the antenna through MOLLE gear or web gear for dismounted or body-worn applications.

Available in many operating frequencies covering UHF, L-, S- and C-Bands. With a variety of RF connector options, Southwest Antennas’ line of integrated RF coaxial gooseneck omni antennas serves a wide range of commercial, government, military and law enforcement markets. Stand-alone RF coaxial gooseneck assemblies with custom RF connector options are available for unique applications.