Rugged Magnetic Mounts for DC - 3.0 GHz Applications

Southwest Antennas manufactures rugged, low-loss magnetic mount solutions for military radio systems operating from DC - 3.0 GHz. Our magnetic mount kits give operators the flexibility of rapid antenna deployment in the field, with the ability to quickly reposition or remove the antenna and mount as conditions change. The integrated magnetic base can be securely attached to most ferromagnetic metal surfaces, including vehicles, tables, posts, pillars, or other flat surfaces. A field-replaceable black neoprene cover prevents the magnetic base from damaging painted surfaces.

Our magnetic mounts are compatible with any brand of antenna with proper mating RF connector, and are an ideal solution for radio systems operating in the following frequencies:

Military radio frequency table

Magnetic Mounting Kit Features

We've designed these magnetic mounting kits to survive harsh field conditions with a number of design features:

  1. High-quality RF connectors
  2. Potted, fully waterproof housing
  3. Internal design and low loss cable to reduce insertion loss

military antenna magnetic mounting kit features

General Technical Specifications

military magnetic mounting kit general technical specifications

Typical Cable Insertion Loss, by Length and Frequency Range

Typical Cable Insertion Loss, by Length and Frequency Range

How to Order Magnetic Mounting Kits

Magnetic mount kits are available for order now from our website and will ship with standard RF connectors and cable length options.

Custom Magnetic Mounts

Southwest Antennas magnetic mounts can also be customized to suit the unique requirements of your application. Both RF connectors can be selected from a list of industry standard RF connector options, with additional specialized RF connectors available for unique radio systems. The low loss LMR-200 cable can be specified from 6 inches to 360 inches standard, with longer cable lengths available on request.
When ordering a custom magnetic mount, please reference the following smart part number system, specifying the Antenna RF Connector, Cable RF Connector, and Cable Length in inches.
Smart Part Number Syntax: 1071-Antenna RF Connector-Cable RF Connector-Cable Length
Example: 1071-TNC(f)-TNC(m)-144.0 would specify a magnetic mount with TNC(f) antenna RF connector, TNC(m) cable RF connector, and 144 inches of cable.
custom military magnetic mount order options

1. Other RF Connectors are available for unique military radio needs. Contact Southwest Antennas to order.

2: Longer RF cables lengths are available upon request (longer RF cables may have excessive insertion loss.) Unterminated RF cables are also available upon request; Customer can crimp their own RF Connector.