Southwest Antennas manufactures rugged antenna solutions for domestic and international military users who utilize the Link 16 tactical data link network. These antennas are designed specifically for the 969 - 1,206 MHz Link 16 band.

Our current Link 16 product portfolio includes several omni-directional antennas in addition to a high-gain, circularly polarized sector antenna for targeted, directional coverage.

Link 16 Overview

Link 16 is a military-use tactical data link network that enables the US and allied forces to share near real-time tactical information and increase battlefield situational awareness between groups in theater, including location information, text messages, pictures, voice, and data.

Various Link 16 terminals, modules, and radio system designs allow the Link 16 network to be utilized between aircraft, ships, ground vehicles, dismounted solders, unmanned vehicles, and weapons platforms.

Data transmitted on the Link 16 network is encrypted and jam-resistant, and uses a Dynamic TDMA architecture to increase system capacity.

While normally the 969 - 1,206 band would be primarily suited for line-of-sight communication, satellite and secure TCP/IP protocols allow Link 16 networks to expand beyond line-of-sight limitations.