Rugged Magnetic Mounts for DC - 3.0 GHz Applications

Application Note: Upgrading Antennas to Improve Radio Performance


Utilizing high quality antennas is a cost effective way to upgrade the performance of an existing radio systems for better RF link margin and higher data/video throughput across many types of terrain and operating conditions.

ADS-B is an acronym for Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast, a new real-time situational awareness and surveillance program which is part of the Federal Aviation Administration’s NextGen air traffic control modernization mandate. ADS-B equipment will be used by air traffic controllers and aircraft pilots to better track active aircraft in US airspace and improve safety as more aircraft use existing routes.

Our team of engineers and designers have been hard at work this year bringing innovative new antenna designs to market for a wide variety of customers and applications. We thought it would be the perfect opportunity to revisit these and highlight some of our most exciting product releases of 2016.

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Originally published in the February 2016 issue of Microwave Journal, this TechBrief article outlines the use of our Omni antennas with integrated RF goosenecks for diversity applications, where two or more antennas are used to improve the quality of a wireless link.

Note: We have expanded on this topic as part of a white paper titled Understanding the Basics of MIMO Communication Technology