Southwest Antennas offers custom RF product tuning and integration services to COTS Southwest Antennas products for companies looking to improve the performance of our communication products within an existing system or product. This is particularly useful for concealment antennas and filtered products that will be placed within another product or another system integration.

Utilizing our RF test laboratory, Southwest Antennas engineers can fully characterize your antenna(s) & filter(s) in free space and together with your system or product, allowing us to fully understand any performance issues and recommend corrective actions to be taken to improve RF performance and minimize signal degradation and other issues that are impacting expected antenna performance.

Southwest Antennas can also work with you on planning for antenna performance while your product is in the initial design phase, allowing the antenna to work as expected from day one.

Please note that our product tuning and integration services are only available for our product designs.

Southwest Antennas tuning and integration services include:

  • RF characterization in free space and/or integrated within another product
  • Certified antenna testing and performance measurement and RF radiation pattern mapping (elevation and azimuth) in our fully anechoic test chamber
  • Environmental testing, including shock and drop tests, water and dust immersion, salt water resistance, and more depending on parameters needed
  • RF performance tuning based on measurements for increased performance from existing antenna
  • Custom antenna design services for maximizing integrated antenna performance in unique applications

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