High-Performance Broadband Antennas for Mission Critical Communication

Southwest Antennas specializes in the design and manufacture of high-performance broadband RF and Microwave antennas and accessories designed to be the critical link in today’s audio, video, and data communication environments. Our product portfolio includes more than 2,000 antenna and accessory products for a wide array of military, government, law enforcement, and commercial RF and Microwave applications needs.

We Are Rugged RF

Our antennas are designed for the rigors of active field use outside of ideal lab conditions. The engineering team at Southwest Antennas have pioneered mechanical and electrical techniques in antenna design in order to deliver rugged antennas that withstand harsh, real-world use conditions to keep you connected when it matters the most. All of our products are covered by our two-year performance warranty.

Custom Antenna Design and Integration Solutions

Southwest Antennas also provides a full range of technical services from initial product concept designs, antenna integration solutions, and product manufacturing covering markets including broadcast video, military, law enforcement, homeland security, surveillance, aerospace, asset tracking, oil and gas, UAV / drones, cellular communication, and more. Learn more about how our technical services can help get your project to market.

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Southwest Antennas Latest News

New Dual-Band Sector Antennas for L/C and S/C Bands

Posted 07/31/2020

We're pleased to announce the release of four new dual-band sector antennas designed for use with multi-port MIMO and MANET radio networks.

New 6 dBi C-Band omni antennas for tactical radio systems, unmanned vehicles, and more

Posted 07/10/2020

Southwest Antennas has just released two new omni-directional antennas for use on tactical radio systems, MIMO / MANET mesh networks, unmanned systems, and other applications for users who operate networks within the C-band, including federal law enforcement and, DOD, military, and NATO user gro

New 1.35 - 2.5 GHz Wideband Omni Antenna

Posted 06/15/2020

Southwest Antennas has just released a new addition to our expanding line of compact, high-performance wideband omni-directional antennas.

Southwest Antennas named a top San Diego company to watch in 2020

Posted 05/26/2020

Thanks to San Diego Bootcamps for naming us one of the top San Diego companies to watch in 2020.

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